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RELEASE: Deeply concerned about Doug Ford’s planned revenue cuts, comparison of parties’ commitments on key health care issues

Toronto – Following the release of Doug Fords “platform” the Ontario Health Coalition has tried to analyze how Mr. Ford’s plan will impact health care funding.? Over the next four years, with four days until the provincial election we still have no firm commitment on the level of hospital funding, nor any clear response to […]

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Ontario Election 2018 Health Care Resources

Click on each heading for Ontario election resources: **New? Leaflet inside (note: if printing use legal size paper)? ?Leaflet outside (note: if printing used legal size paper) Election Platform- top issues and “asks” for our political parties Media Release Provincial Election Platform release Health Care Questions for Candidates ?All Candidates’ Meetings Media coverage of Health […]

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$22 billion in cuts to funding for public services planned by Mr. Ford, worse than Harris, we are “extremely worried”

posted June 3, 2018

June 3, 2018 by Natalie Mehra, executive director — Many Ontarians are captured by the idea of getting the same or more services for less money. But few know what the numbers might actually mean. Since Doug Ford did not release a clear platform, Ontarians know more about how much a beer may cost if […]

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Report Health Coalition Issues Pre-Drummond Report Warning of Major Health Cuts: First Do No Harm

(February 10, 2012) Though Ontario’s public has never been properly informed about the plans, the provincial government is planning severe curtailment of health care funding growth that will result in $3 billion or more to be carved out of hospitals and OHIP, warned the Ontario Health Coalition …

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Health Care and Taxes

(Summer 2011) A newspaper leaflet by the Ontario Health Coalition is ready for distribution across Ontario.

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